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#12997 - I was stunned but as I looked up Mike was climbing up onto the couch bringing his cock closer to my fac, I figured what the hell and suddenly the head of his cock slipped past my lips, it was an interesting sensation, the head of his cock was sponget yet smooth and it tasted of my wifes juices, I had never reaaly thought about how to give a blowjob but figured I would try to simulate what I had seen and felt my wife do, I started swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, hearing him groan, suddenly he started slowly fucking my mouth, firmly but gently, about the 5th stroke sudeenlt I felt him bumping my throat, I gagged, he backed off, he grabbbed the back of my head telling me if my mouth wouldn't take it he bet my ass would. one nigt I got off work earlier than usual and laft the office and headed home figuring to surprize my lovely wife with maybe a night out, dinner, dancing and the whole 9 yards, as I arrived in the driveway I noticed a riding lawnmower in the driveway,

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Mizuki takase
Lmao i fucking skipped ahead and the first line of dialogue was the title of the hentai
Ai mikaze
Not finished