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#258123 - Too many memories of what Daddy did to Mommy when he was mad at her, and how he would remove me from his lap and then get up and walk to where Mommy was standing at the sink; he would be mad at her and he would make her cry, and now he was mad at me and I was sure he was going to make me cry, and it was all his fault in the first place because he was the one who snuck up behind me and talked in my ear, I wouldn’t have dropped the glass if he had not done that, and I was already scared because he had told me he was mad. When I’d finished clearing the table I went to the sink to wash our dishes, and I could feel him staring at me, still sitting in his chair at the table, and I was afraid to turn around to look at him because that would probably just make him mad all over again. Daddy then put his other hand behind my neck as well, and as he held me firm against whatever that warm, hard thing in his pants was, he also started to move his hips a little, kind of like he was dancing up aga

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Oh my god is that heaven
Yayoi shinozuka
Classy katia
Shingo yabuki
Perfectly adorable and oh so cute
Who is that girl