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#332102 - So here is the first part of Billy’s Story in my words. I have been getting some e/mails from a young guy who reads my stories, Over the course of the past 2 weeks he has e/mailed me at least once a day, he has told me his story of his sexual experience, and has asked me to write a story about him, Some readers might find this story disturbing as it includes sex between an adult and a teenager. I was surprised though when I returned about 40 minutes later, and he was sitting on the sofa still naked, and although I tried not to look, it was hard not to notice that his cock was fully erect, this time he said, “Shit I forgot you were out with the dog, you know how it go’s kid I was just having a quick wank before I go out tonight, I am sure you enjoy a wank yourself eh” I was totally surprised by what he said even pretty nervous, yea I did enjoy a wank but I did not think that men did it.

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