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#192177 - Fisting became a regular sexual thing with us both, we would fuck and play, her using the strap on in me and fisting me to a wild cum, often with me sitting on her fist my cock over her face shooting cum in her mouth and on her face, the same thing to, some times my arse would just open up and swallow her arm, my butt stopping just short of her elbow, She also began to allow me to fist her pussy, but she could only take most of my fist, but a woman with smaller hands could play inside her pussy easier, We also met other woman who could take a fist and some time of course would fist me too, a full on fuck and fist session was a great way to spend a night, Then I met Peter, we played at the guys club several times, he fisted me the first time we met, and he was good, spending as much time fisting me as he did fucking my arse, then one night high on anal cum’s he was rock solid inside me, a wet patch under my arse that was hanging out of the sling I was in, most was his cum some w

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