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#87635 - One could see these hard semen filled balls of yet unused virility that were making a very wet sinfully vulgar, and very perverse sound of black flesh against wet white flesh with each of his brutal and hurtful thrusts. first clutching his buttocks tightly as she gasped and pulled him wantonly against her again and again! This was followed by then trying helplessly to push him away! Her feeble effort of resistance and her sharp nails only made him pound her harder as this had no effect on slowing him down what so ever. Several of her girl friends had decided to do the same, but when it came to actually doing it, only she had taken her clothes off and done so, as the others were nowhere to be found! Leigh was in her early 50s, at the time and at first was apprehensive to do something like this, especially in front of a perfect stranger.

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