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#183749 - You spread your legs in hopes of love But in nine months remember to shove You sleep with the world for nothing but fun Now you wonder why your life is done A baby on the way yet you still sleep around Once its here your life will be forever bound No one night stands, no cheap last flings Just think of all the joys the baby brings You're time is up, your days are over You're as lucky as a two leafed clover You got knocked up by some random guy Now all's you can do is sit and cry You have no hope, no family or friends This is where your life begins and ends One last fling then your a mother Oh keep going why not have another You have no morals, no respect for yourself You sleep around but never think about your health Well now its too late you have two mouths to feed Cant keep filling yours with another mans seed. .


Most commented on Asslicking SHITSUKE IROIRO Point Of View

Fuck its amazing
Akira tsubaki
Amazing body sweetie you are so sexy
Marimo jinguuji
Not a big fan of pieced nipples but damn am i loving hers man digging her thick pussy lips her skin looks edible would have loved to see that cock slide into her asshole