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#228872 - I did imagine meeting your friends and having to call you Daddy, I blushed, even here, but also got wet! Do I really have to choose one, cant you please be different things at different times? For this letter Sir, that is what I am going to do, call you what I feel at that precise moment (Oh Master, that thought made me shiver, partly with desire and partly with fear, am I really allowed to make my own decisions? I suppose if not, I ll be punished! mmm there is that shiver again) I m trying to imagine what it will be like to be owned by you, to help, I ve tied some string around my neck, I dont have a collar here, and that priviledge belongs to you, I feel like a stray , not belonging, on a bit of old rope, waiting to hear whether someone (you) is willing to take me in. .

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