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#283184 - I caught Stu's eye who looked very very interested at megan and myself, so I thought I'd tease him a little, I wispered to megan that it looked like Stu was getting hot under the collar and should we have a little fun with it, Megan giggled, I lifted my hand and started to strok her arm putting my other hand around her waist, she put her had to the back of my head and gently pulled my lips to hers, my toungue slipped into her sweet mouth oh god her mouth felt so good that's when I totally lost all thought, I felt her breast's agains mine, her legs again's mine, we started kissing passionately, fuck I was horny at that we moved to the bed, it was hot and I just wanted to fuck. When we returned to the guy's they told us it had been decided we'd all be going clubing that night, as it turned out it would be a great idea and the start of something new for Stu and I. Stu had mostly kept Robb at the barr all night so as a result Robb was a little wor

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