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#271539 - I asked Ricky to pull his cock out of her cunt, I lay on my back, asked Alice to lay on top of me, facing me, we started kissing each other on the lips passionately, while Rickey was fucking us both, alternating his cock between our fuck holes till he was ready to cum, we jumped up, took his cock and started sucking on it, milking it sharing his cock cream, then we kissed each other till we both swallowed it all. I relaxed a while after all that fucking I had, took a little nap, and in the afternoon, I called for service, the two other guys working with Chef Rickie came together, they walked into my room, I was fully nude as usual. The other ones were of older men, which needed Viagra to be strong enough to satisfy my fuck holes, I was truly enjoying being double fucked by those younger guys, screaming and moaning as loud as I could, I was having an orgasm after another nonstop.

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Miki koishikawa
I love this movie
Himea saito
This is really hot you should make more like it
Cure pine