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#216075 - Aur phir ooper say dekhnay laga. After saying this I just apply oil on my cock top and her ass hole too. so I just get my cock out and start rubing and just seeing her and when I was just out of control I got a idea and main thora sa upper ho kar khara ho gaya aur apni sarree mani us kay ooper gara di pehle tu woh samjhee kay kissi kawa ki sharart hai per jab us nay ooper dekha tu foran apne kaproon say apne jism ko chupa liya and I just move beside but I just seeing her reaction and from a hole I start seeing her where she never see me so she just touch my mani on her shoulder and then smelt it and after that she taste it , Ohh God this was the surprise for me and I was just shocked so I reach in my room and clean myself and relax.

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Monjirou shioe
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Narberal gamma
Good girl