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#298836 - The Asian chick came to meet us, there were some people around, in bath robes and sitting on chairs around the set, it was dark so you couldn’t make them out right. “we didn’t know we had to act “Kathy asked “like I said it’s not Shakespeare and no one is winning an academy award for their performance , I’ll try to get you a copy of the lines but don’t worry “ We both nodded and she pointed us towards the door. Once inside Kathy started to shake, we were both a little scared, “keep it together” she said , “relax” she repeated, pacing around the room and biting her nails, I guess she was saying it more for herself than for me, it was a shitty little room but it was clean, we both started to undress, I was staring at her as she did it and she was staring at me.

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