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#147829 - ” He came to the basin beside where I was rinsing my hands and my mouth and face, and he pulled me up, dripping water and dug his tongue into my mouth, slurping and sliding it everywhere; “Oh, I taste nice, don’t I Anh?” I nodded, bewildered at the change which had come over me in just a few short days…now I felt like a slave in front of his Master, and wasn’t sure that was a good thing –I had to assert myself somehow! I lifted him, maybe only 50kgs, so similar to myself, and sat him on the end of the washbasin shelf, and I felt for his nipples; he had defined pectorals, and his nipples were hard in my fingers as I tweaked them strongly, “I will call you Master if you call me Mistress, and if we are equals – em!” He squeaked, nodded his head and panted as I thrust my tongue into his mouth, pulling his head down after releasing his nipples, and letting him then relax. I sat back, exhausted and bloated from this cock – when previously I thought I could take many, one after another;

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