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#77409 - “Mama just loves having her tits sucked!!!” Mike thought he must have died and gone to heaven!!! She was right about another thing, too! They were as big as his head!!! So for the next five minutes or so he nursed at the huge nubs like there was no tomorrow! While casually playing with his hard pecker, she made sure not to get so frisky as to get him off! When she had had her fill of his oral servitude she gently pushed him away and offered, “I think I have something else for you to suck on, okay!?!” After pushing him back down into his chair Mona stepped all the way out of her tan work dress, leaving her standing there in just a pair of oversized panties! “You ever suck a black cunt, Mike?!?” she asked softly. She was startled at his appearance at the open door and stammered, “Oh, Mr. With the phone cradled between his shoulder and ear he scanned a report while waiting for his party to answer.

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