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#26738 - I tell Amber to stop and to get up I tell the other girls to come and stand around the bed I untie Wendy and tell her to slide down when I sit down and show them how to eat pussy. After I clean up I go over to the girls I tell Kaley to kneel and give her a toy to practice on as I call Rosa, Lisa over to the bar I have them both lean over it and I ask them of they know why they are going to be punished and they both say yes Rosa is crying and I grab her by the hair and tell her that its too late to cry now I grab a puddle.

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Izumi matsubara
I always wear like that at home
Makoto itou
I need those in my mouth so big and juicy x
Laura bodewig
She means everything to me
Iruka umino
That girl
Got my pussy wet again and again