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#386331 - Walking over to Jessica Ok missy I tried to be nice he says while grabbing her and forcefully pinning her to a large table knocking the wind out of her, several guards run over to help hold the wiggling girl down then spreading her legs eagled, looking into his eye's trying to catch her breath Get off of me you pig, your not nice she screams while squrming and trying to kick her legs that are being held tight to the table by two guards. With her eyes closed and now crying Ok, Ok ill sign just don’t hurt me anymore she said through crying sobs as the men release her and a hand appears in front of her face holding a pen, placing it to the form she signs her name. Your right he said looking though some papers for her name Jessica, you we couldn’t resist, you match our auction requirements perfectly so we grabbed the opportunity and you, while your were looking for that tiny kitten he said while laughing.

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Chevalier deon
Had no clue she was doin hardcore this far back i bought her toenail clippings for 50 bucks
I would love to know who called her a slut a roommate or a neighbor and as far as her weight is concerned she is the perfect weight to stay sitting on my face all day i will keep feeding her extra protein and she will fill out nicely