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#338443 - They very badly needed to have their cocks sucked off while they were watching her having hot, totally raunchy, filthy sex every night. ” Then the pervert yelled down at her, “Having fun cheating on your old man now, honey? Bet you never dreamed that you would be cuckolding him like this, did you, you spoiled, gorgeous, two timing, MILF slut?” He flushed the commode again and left for a minute, then returned with a hard but flexible, rubber shaft that looked like a policeman’s night stick He got behind her and swung it in an arch and smashed it down on her ass cheeks. Rape Bait Chapter Three The Bondage Rapist / Extremely Foul Play Mona strutted into her husband’s study, in full sexpot mode, and asked coyly, “Think my date or dates are going to like me tonight, honey?” When Saul looked up, she made a 360 degree model’s sexy twirl with her body.

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