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#252816 - As maggie entered and walked past completely naked she said quietly do as your told, she sat on the chair and placed her legs in the stirrup type devices only padded and more comfortable, as she did so a petite little woman came in carrying a small holdall, late twenty's early thirty's blonde naked and oh so sexy, she pointed to the pads between maggies legs and said authoratively on your knees, as i approached maggie splayed her legs wide and to my surprise revealed butterfly wings painted on each thigh using her pussy as its body, it looked stunning in cobalt, pink and baby blue, Gemma(her name i found out later) whispered in my ear, everything you can see is edible and from this point on you do as your told, understand?, understood. Maggie gave me an address in central London, told me to wear a suit and to be early. I rang the number there and then, as it rang i suddenly became reticent.

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