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#182675 - Once inside he told me to go to the backdeck and have a seat around the pool so I went outside and sat dipping my legs in the pool after about 2 minutes he came outside completely naked holding 2 towels, he asked me to come help him with the door so that he could grab the snack he had prepared for us, as i grabbed the towels from him he picked me up and through me into the pool when i surfaced i didn't no what was going on, suddenly i felt my shorts/boxers disappear from my body I looked down to see him swimming away with my stuff, I chased after him and caught up to him, he pulled me close and kissed me, he explored eachothers bodies with our hands, eventually he found his way to my ass, and parted my cheeks, he gently used his index finger and put it in, going in and out slowly working my hole. We pulled into his driveway and he reclined his seat lifting his legs onto the dashboard. As soon as he pulled in I jumped in his truck and told him we should just drive around and chat

Read Orgasms DISTANCE-Joshi Lacu! - Girls Lacrosse Club ~2 Years Later~ Ch.4 [Japanese] Mallu DISTANCEGirls Lacrosse ClubCh.4

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This could ve been simpler if she would ve used the mr clean magic eraser or even my mop
Jeanne darc
Mitsuba marui
Hot thanks for sharing
Absolutely fucking gorgeous i would love to see you do more stuff with your feet a footjob or him cum on them again
Karen shinomiya
That bitch armpit hair took my erection away next