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#176458 - His mother finishes eating her food and drinking her water and she says Thank you Steve for saving me, I thought they were going to bring me back to the village and she gives her son a big hug then she says let me start from the beggining wiping some tears from her eyes she says The night of the attack your father was killed and I was gangraped for hours by his killers, when they all finished they took me back to the village where I was thrown into a huge cage where all the women of the village are kept but before I could say anything I was taken out of the cage along with several other females and we were gangraped by multiple men before they put me back in the cage . Despite all the chaos that surrounds them and the nightly attacks Steve and Helen are happy, they have been living in the cave for a few months now and they are truely happy.

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Yozora mikazuki
These have to be the two worst voices in porn the hentai was good though
Cute girl