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#183524 - Well Saturday l packed the car kissed my wife good bye and left for my mother-in-law Molly’s, it seemed everybody was going to Norfolk that weekend as the traffic was terrible, when l got there l went in to hear giggling coming from the kitchen, Molly and her sister Jodie were sat at the table, Jodie straight away told me not to call her aunt but just Jodie there were 2 bottles of wine on the table one of which was empty. I have to say it did feel strange sitting with my mother-in-law Molly and her sister Jodie listening to them rattle on about boyfriends in their teenage years and what they got up to, it was quite entertaining and sometimes a bit raunchy well coming from 2 woman in their 60s. I went to my room and glanced into the corridor and notice Jodie’s door was ajar l could see her reflection in a long mirror, she was dressed only in knickers and bra and her figure looked pretty good from where l was sitting, l was unable to take my eyes off of her as she moved back and forth

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