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#344689 - Of all that had been recounted during that afternoon's sitting, only the masculine fustigations had affected their Lordships' brains which, now passing hot, were only cooled after prolonged use of the fantasy which had fired their enthusiasm; thus it was the Duc had Hercule flog him until blood seeped from his pores, Durcet employed Invictus to the same effect, the Bishop made use of Antinoüs, and Bum-Cleaver ministered to Curval. THE EIGHTEENTH DAY Beautiful, radiant, bejeweled, grown more brilliant with each passing day, Duclos thus started the eighteenth session's stories: A tall and stoutly constructed creature named Justine had just been added to my entourage; she was twenty-five, five feet six inches tall, with the husky arms and solid legs of a barmaid, but her features were fine all the same, her skin was clear and smooth, and she had as splendid a body as one might wish. And that agreeable directress of Cytherean sport plunged again into the matte

Read Ninfeta 【周六更新】邻居人妻(作者:李周元 & 頸枕) 第1~51话 Blow Job Contest 【周六更新】邻居人妻(作者:李周元 & 頸枕) 第1~51话

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Kanako yasaka
So sexy and pervert
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Great hentai
The virus database has been updated
This bitch is never satisfied