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#42851 - fetcher looking in the window” she asked me if I was sure I said yes I was so scared she got up and looked out the window “no one’s there” I sighed with relief “maybe I’m just seeing things” I asked her could she stay over tonight cause my parents were in Cali for the week I was disappointed when she said no I said okay and we finish our homework and Kim left I watched TV until about 8 then I started thinking about what had happed to day then I wondered was that Mr. fetcher drove past us looking out his window at us we started walking faster we reached my house we went in upstairs to my room I closed the door behind us we sat down on my bed a started our homework and again I felt like I was being watched I asked Kim did she see anyone she said no and asked why I told her I just had a strong felling we continued our homework I looked up to asked Kim a question but instead I seen her big breast in my face I poked her with the back of my pencil she gasped in surprise and turn towards me

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