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#212270 - Louis, and this is my second year at Tech!!! This place is a lot neater than my old dorm and I already get a feeling of camaraderie that I haven't felt anywhere else before!!! The rules around here are pretty lax, so we can bring guys up to our room if we want to!!! Just this afternoon I was walking down the hall and thru a crack in a door, saw the sorority president sucking off her boyfriend!!! It was kinda funny to watch someone else doing it, but this guy had a really big cock and she was doing the best imitation of a vacuum cleaner you've ever seen!!! He really started moaning loudly, and just when I thought he was gonna fill her mouth, she pulled off and jerked him all over her face, talk about messy, then she took her fingers and wiped it all into her mouth, not losing even a drop!!! I was so hot from watching them I practically ran back to my room and masturbated myself to a quick hard climax!!! I got my panties up just in time too, cuz just then Betty Sue strolled i

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Lucy is my dream woman period everything about her is perfect i hope i can meet someone like her one day soon