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#392376 - i said baby i will wash up harvey said to me no babe i will do it i said baby your on holiday too it only fair you made the meal harvey smiled and said you can dry the plates up i smiled and we did the dishes after than harvey said do you want desert? i turned around and said no thanks babe so we sat down and started kissing each other i moved forward and harvey was laying on his back when we got a knock on the door . i went to the door to be greated by a younge couple on in the room next to us they said there was a party tonight at a nightclub and it free admission i said we are not 21 the man smiled and said okay sorry to bother you i walked back onver to harvey and we was kissing again and my cell rang i said in a load tone for fuck sake harvey said dont answer it babe so i didnt harvey took my top off and i took his off i toke harveys pants off and he took mine off harvey took my boxers off and i took his off and harvey had some pubic hair and i said to him ba

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Utsuho reiuji
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Tuxedo mask
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