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#165414 - My Anus is a flower Which does doth daily bloom My Anus doesn’t cower When others preach its doom My Anus is a crumpet Come taste ye of its musk My Anus is the trumpet Which doth proclaim thoust dusk My Anus is quite handsome Come give it a tonguey kiss My Anus is your ransom Should all things go amiss My Anus is quite gassy Gastronomical distress My Anus barks like Lassie But then, I do digress My Anus can be fragrant Come and give it a deep long sniff My Anus is your buddy It’ll be there in a jiff My Anus is rock for you When things have gotten tough My Anus tastes like chicken Unlike your fishy muff fin.

Read Doggystyle (Haikyuu!!) - Haikyuu Deflowered (Haikyuu!!)

Most commented on Doggystyle (Haikyuu!!) - Haikyuu Deflowered

Misaki yamamoto
Beautiful view great ass
Mai kawakami
Nice blowjob best of
Kazuo ushiyama
That s intro song was fire wtf