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#267480 - i went to my room after that so i could get some 'relief' from the wetness in my bikini bottom that is when i looked in my brothers room and seen my brother rubbing one out on his bed. part 2 as i lay in my bed with only my t shirt and panties on i felt uneasy as i lay there it felt like someone was watching me, so i went to my computer and look up vampires as i was fascinated by them i started to feel sleepy so i turned off my computer and went to bed I fell asleep I suddenly awoke not knowing why but i opened my window to get some fresh air so i laid down in my bed again I wished to become a vampire i thought it would be so cool to be able to fly and have so many powers !! then i heard a voice in my head and it said don’t be scared i have heard your thoughts and i can make your wish come true i said who are you and the voice said i am one of the few vampires left in the world so i said so can you turn me into a vampire the voce said yes i can

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Eru chitanda
Does anyone recognise the trailer at the begining where can i find it
Tsubame otorii