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#258973 - Timmy, she said, I'm so happy to meet you, please come in and sit down! With his head down, Timmy made his way to the chair across the Emma's desk and sat down, no once looking up to make eye contact with the bemused teacher! Returning to her seat, Emma sat down and picked up Timmy's file, and perusing it for a few seconds, she then went into detail about the concerns his teachers had over his over all performance in class. Timmy, now almost delirious with lust, rammed his hardon in and out of Emma's pussy, his shear energy making her reach her orgasm just as he spilled another load into her burning cunt!!! Both of them lay exhausted for a few minutes as they tried to catch their breath until Emma panted, I believe that you now have the will and confidence to improve your school work, so get dressed and go on to your next class, and I'll see you next week at the same time to see if there has been any improvement! After dressing and freshening up, Em

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