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#53915 - Pulling his cock out of her he backs away and she falls to the ground, blood and Unas cum leaking out of her pussy the other 2 Unas move in lifting her off the ground, one Unas bends her over and rams all 16 inches deep into her pussy. The first Unas that raped her is resting drinking from a fresh water fountain in the back of the room, he too watches as the other 2 Unas spit roat the Human female, her arms and legs dangling off the ground. I can hear the Humans say He can read our minds, he truely is all powerful I then say You want to know why an all powerful God needs 10 guards , shocked and trying to figure out how I know about her question I then say Doubt is the seed of rebellian and this I cannot allow so I will punish you, to teach the others to never doubt me , then I say Just as I promised Richter 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman he desires you will suffer 1000 years of torture before I send you to Hell .

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