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#162876 - i think harvey read my mind and started lowering his boxers he looked at me and said you want it i walked up to harvey and said no not right now. i walked out on my bedroom and my mom said im really sorry i should have knocked i said mom its fine you know i have sex yes i do she said with a smile so what did you want to talk to me about? well me and bella was on the way to the mall when i forgot my cell so when we got back here i came to see what sneackers you wanted any that are nice my mom started walking away and said once again in sorry mom its fine i walked back into my room harvey looked at me and started laughing whats so damn funny harvey it wont have been funny if it was your mom that walked in on us hey baby im sorry i just think its a little funny i looked at harvey and his cute brown eyes looking at me i melted under his good looks again and said okay maybe it is a little funny i went to my door locked it this time and me and harvey fucked for ages

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