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#211086 - I could see Brenda was nervous because she didn’t know where to look, l began wanking my cock, when she saw what l was doing Brenda ordered me to stop, l informed her it was alright because my mummy lets me then l asked if she wanted to see my cock spit, but said l would need a pair of her knickers, Brenda gave me a new pair for me to put on and go home, her knickers were very baggy, but l put them on and went back to Silvia. Brenda and Maurice didn’t say good bye when they left, but now l had flashed my cock at Brenda Silvia wanted me to flash other’s, we got the bus into town l was dressed in my own clothes, first she took me to get both ears pierced like a girls and wear a matching necklace, next Silvia wanted to buy me a bra which was awkward because we did get some very strange looks both going into a changing room, but l got a loving cock sucking from her in the changing room, l wasn’t sure if anyone heard us, but she was loud when she swallowing my hot load, after the bra fitti

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