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#9184 - He could feel her pussy start to massage and grasp more and he knew she was close so he kept going as her fourth release caused her to buck and thrash, he felt more like a bronc rider than a lover as he had to hold on til she rode out the waves of her orgasm. Panting heavily her legs went limp as Jake started again lapping hungerly and greedily at her hole, her taste heady to him, as he again delved deep within her elictiting another gasp and shutter as he smiled into her sex. Suddenly Jake didn't give a shit as he reached for Gen and laid her back, moving between her legs kissing then licking her inner thighs she began to thrash and moan, Touch me master please! Denying her for a few moments he drew small circles on her inner thighs as he moved closer to her sex she began to thrash harder pushing her pussy towards his mouth.

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