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#146538 - Bob had also provided her with a car…it’s in his name but she has the use of it…and he pays the insurance and has provided a credit card that covers her gas… Jennifer and Bob went out 2-3 times a month…dinners at nice restaurants only at first…but they now mixed in some more casual evenings …Last month she just had him come over for a cookout. ” Bob had gotten the message…but he still didn’t really know how to handle her…He set up their next meeting at a local hotel…and conducted what felt like a closing presenting the cash and things she’s asked for…plus the car and credit card…on the desk in the room…then he looked at her longingly…Jen was still in her dental hygienist uniform…the timing had not allowed her to go home and change…She smiled at him and excused herself and went to the bathroom…She emerged wearing only the same heels she had worn all day and a necklace… Bob had been seated in the one chair in the room…and Jen came over and sat in his lap…. She could smell his cologne

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