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#23068 - Either one of ya had morning sickness or the like?” “No nothing” “Nope no sickness felt kind of funny a couple of days no throwing up or cramps” ”Oh really, you know you don’t always have morning sickness, some women never do, but can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but that’s just some women” “I could be pregnant already” ”Yep you never know, all it takes is one time for a man to cum in you and you could be a Prego” “Cool you got a kit for me in the truck, get it I want to check myself now tonight” “Don’t you wanna wait for everybody tomorrow, that’s kind of selfish”? “Lets wait until tomorrow when we’re all here and everyone is checked, ok Sandy” ”Aww shit ok I’ll wait Joanne, but I want to be first to check tomorrow ok Bill” “Ok with me if it’s ok with the others” “Cool” And with that she lower her head into Joanne’s lap and returned to her eating, shortly Sandy turned and offered her twat to Joanne who didn’t wait a second and had her tongue buried into Sandy’s

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Lanas mom
Really thought the redhead would end up losing that bracelet in there
Anybody else think this was a zoom call orgy at first glance
His name