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#313237 - It was quite a hot day, so I whipped off my shirt and threw it over one of the chairs, he stared dumbfounded at me “What?” “Whoa why do you have such big muscles?” I laughed “These aren’t big Clive, they are just toned, don’t worry in time you will develop them as well” We continued and he slowly caught on, then Wendy came out of the house and called me over. I could understand where the term MILF came from, there was one in particular which kept catching my attention, she had dark brown hair, slightly curly, she always had sunglasses on, but those short skirts of hers kept showing off long, shapely legs and the tops clung to her thin middle and showed off her perfect breasts. “What would you like to take? Batting or Bowling?” I shrugged “Up to you really” My sister just couldn’t shut her little trap “He helped me with my bowling” The teacher looked at me with a kind of respect in her eyes “She showed huge improvement, would you mind taking some of

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