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#330940 - “Get out of the way you lunk-head; this is for me to deal with!” Leaping to the side and landing in a controlled roll he avoids the bolts of white hot lightning, each one shaped like a living-dragon, which slams into the door and the very walls. “You need to realize something my young friend” – declared the Chancellor while tapping him in the chest with his cane – “they have figured out what you did; their payback will be exquisite indeed. The Chancellor just grins at his companion, the cat-folk warrior monk known as Dancing Tiger who is explaining the little bit of fun he had with the instructions to Sassa.

Read Amateur Porn 絶技王 ~くすぐり耐久デュエル~ Stunning 絶技王 ~くすぐり耐久デュエル~

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