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#22623 - “are you okay?” knowing that she now had a good 4cm of the 8mm brush wedged up her cervix, an area known to less than accepting of penertration. Anyway it was Monday, the girls were once again leaving for the day, I bid them farewell and once I was sure they had left the car park I fired up some porn, I was really looking forward to seeing what difference the lube would make, I decided to grab a towel from the bathroom and put it on my chair , I didn’t fancy trying to explain why my chair was covered in lube and cum stains to the cleaner in the morning, I figured since I was alone and I was taking care to cover the chair I may as well protect my suit so I stripped naked, it felt a bit weird being totally naked in my office but the door was locked and the blinds were closed, after I got over the weird feeling of being naked at work I got down to business, found my favourite sounding video, it was a dude in his office(ironic) who would sound using a 6 inch rod and he would take the

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It might be hard but i might be that time if she s inconsiderate about how you feel as well then you might have to do a hard deed as much as you love her you have to remember that relationships are two sided try confronting her about her ex don t go aggressively but tell her how you feel she might not know what to change unless you tell her if she gets mad at you for it then
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