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#24584 - Hard as a rock & naked Marty walked in after his mom & he looked at Sandra and told her why don't you continue what mom started as Sandra got on her knees engulfed his cock & began bobbing her head up and down , Motioning to Joyce Marty said mom get behind & lick my ass . Chapter 1 - Lola meets the ladies Opening the quaint bungalow , Lola& Marty were met by a 40 year old redhead dressed in a French maid outfit & 3 inch heels , she French kissed her master Marty , & before she knew what was happening she did the same to Lola who was shocked, (she had never been kissed like that by a woman before ) but liked it. Chapter 2 The Party Continues Marty was smoking a joint as Lola sucked his wang & Joyce licked his nuts .

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