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#368079 - so me and harvey woke up the other day and we did are usual stuff anyway when harvey was making breakfast i sat infront of the mirror and kept thinking im such a fat bastard so harvey walked into are bedroom and hey babe breakfast is ready im not eatting breakfast because im fat harvey walked up to me and slapped me on my abbs and said since when have you been fat since now look at me i make a sumo look anerexic babe really how much do you way 154 pounds of pure fat 154 pound im 170 pounds i want ice cream i may aswell get fatter so i walked out are bedroom and got the tube of ben and jerrys and a spoon and i put loads of it in my mouth harvey walked into the kitchen and took the tube of me and said stop being so silly baby look at me harvey sat on my lap and said your stunning now stop being a cheer queer okay i will tone it down a bit but i am fat before harvey had the chance to say anything i said i need to go have a shave so i was in the bathroom shavi

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Moka akashiya
Lovely hentai check out my first hentai i made with this random guy i hooked up with let him cum in me twice
Elsa granhiert
I think its her tail humans have the genetic code to have tails but has been repressed by evolution my question is how can you think about the tail when one of the best asses on this site is demolishing that dick