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#343547 - we went to my car and we started to talk, i took a deep breath and told her that i was so attrective to her i wanted to get to know her better, she played a nice girl game saying that yes she is very attractive to me but she need to keep her distance as both our kids goes to same school and same class, as she was saying all these words, she was getting closer and closer to me and her beautifull full pink lips i could not resist and i kissed her and she went wild, i was taken back but we both went into it, i started to feel her body up as i run my hand around her tits ,she went even more wild and she started to rub my cock and she moaned. i took her off and she went down on me cleaning every bit of her cum, and i got on the doggy doing the doggy , , i took my cock into her pussy deeper while pulling her hair like i was ridding a horse, it was much looser than before, she was screaming that thats the biggest cock she has seen and love the way it feel so i started to pump her and a

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Sachiko koshimizu
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