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#162946 - As I was just about to take off her blindfold she stopped my hand and queried “Why did u start to finger me? And what would the forfeit have been had I got them wrong out of curiosity? “ Obviously she believed she was safe and I snickered as I replied, “The forfeit is to go and get your vibrator and masturbate in front of me and cum”. She disrobed as she sat back in the chair and I grabbed the belt from it and used it to tie her hands behind the chair allowing me to fully enjoy her figure as she sat waiting and I explained “ I’m going to brush different objects over your body and you have to tell me what they are, I have 5 get more than 2 wrong and you forfeit the game. She pleaded and pleaded and eventually compromised to go get into her bikini, and she came back, wearing it under her dressing gown.

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Charlotte hazelrink
Its all about her perfect body
I liked her very girl next door type
So cool