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#194653 - Other worms outside started to spit enough sticky spit around their hands to glue them together, the neuronal worms made them give each other a French kiss while doing this, other worms spit enough around their mouths to make sure they would give each other and eternal kiss. Both tried to moan but it was useless due to their mouths were glued together, all they could do was continued licking their tongues. The cum that had been ejaculated inside the girl started making their way to her reproductive system, before arriving to her eggs multiple worms came from other orifices and started consuming the cum, feeding on the little swimmers which had a lot of proteins and energy, these worms had grown a little larger after consuming the boy’s cum.

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More threesomes like this please
Luna child
That was a close one guardian do it again
Bueatiful great
Amelia wil tesla seyruun
I love your creativity very much