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#386193 - Looking in to his eyes she could see by his smile that he was not going to release her, and she bowed her head in acceptance of her fate. At this point Jessica would not be able to get off the machine even if she tried, so she continued locking herself in place, by further leaning forward and placeing her waist in the waist clamp and her neck in to the neck clamp and waited for the click. Once placed atop the brackets she could feel the bite and sting of the hot flames almost instantly, excitement rose and she soon found that she could use the little slack she had on the spit to slowly fuck herself with the huge invader while she roasted, and soon was gushing cum like an open flood gate as she faded away.

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I want you all the titme
Fuck that was hot
Hatsuho kazami
Love it and all but question how many creampies does it take to get her pregnant cause i think it takes a lot